A step toward Zero Emission airport operation

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In cooperation with XYZ Dynamics, Viggo, the ground handler at Eindhoven Airport, among others, has converted an existing diesel airplane ramp to an all-electric version. Part of the required investment came from the MRE stimulus fund. The powerful collaboration between partners from the Brainport region, each contributing their own expertise and experience, has made innovative sustainability possible.

Making aviation more sustainable

Viggo actively contributes to making aviation more sustainable by looking closely at the possibilities of making equipment used at airports more sustainable. The Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is the largest user of conventional energy for Viggo.

ZeroEmissionViggo has the ambition, within its financial capabilities, to be the private handling company with the safest, most sustainable and ergonomic handling equipment in Western Europe by 2023. This fits perfectly with the goal of Eindhoven Airport, for example, to be a Zero Emission airport by 2030.

XYZ Dynamics, an Eindhoven-based startup with a vision to ease the energy transition for the commercial vehicle industry, is supporting Viggo in achieving its sustainability goals. In addition to electrifying commercial freight, such as vans and trucks, XYZ Dynamics is also focusing on electrifying GSE.

Because MRE, Metropolitan Region of Eindhoven, makes grants available for companies that develop innovative and sustainable solutions, the opportunity arose to convert the existing diesel-plane stairs. At the start of the project, it was uncertain whether the conversion was cost-effectively possible. An important issue for the grant application because the MRE only subsidizes projects, which if successful will have a major impact on the economy for the Brainport region. Now there is a “proof of principle. XYZ can cost-effectively adopt the proven concept internationally.

Powerful cooperation in the Brainport region

Viggo, in partnership with XYZ Dynamics and MRE, was able to take a nice step in the journey toward a Zero Emission GSE fleet. By sharing the available knowledge and expertise with each other, a beautiful end result was achieved. An aircraft staircase that runs entirely on electricity. The powertrain and power source are built into the existing vehicle at a much lower cost than purchasing a new unit. This also created hardly any waste; the vehicle was given a second life. It is important to mention that the vehicle is not only emission-free (and thus does not emit CO2 into the environment or other particles such as nitrogen oxides into the (working) environment, but also silent. This has created a more pleasant environment for both staff and travelers that is also safer due to the elimination of ambient noise.

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