the future.

The enormous growth in electric passenger transport, more charging points, the emergence of emission zones, and clean forms of energy generation show that we are in a transition. However, commercial freight transport is lagging behind, even though this group of vehicles has a large share in the deterioration of our quality of life. XYZ Dynamics has the mission to smoothen the energy transition, focusing on commercial vehicle owners. Enabling this group of transport to be sustainable and fully operational in city centers from 2025.

Our top 3 key values.


No WLTP or NEDC cycle, a correct benchmark in different practical situations with changing climate conditions. As a result, a range and operational uptime that is reached. The quality of our product is provided by because the desired range is actually achieved.


Different types of vehicles, different needs due to different driving profiles. The services of XYZ Dynamics are modular, from a plan to a product. As a result, a scalable product or a specific high-end solution.

Service oriented.

A conversion of the existing vehicle, a new and different drivetrain in use. Product support is managed by XYZ Dynamics, in order to provide the required uptime.

Convert &

XYZ Dynamics, located in Brainport Eindhoven, the smartest region in Europe, has the expertise in developing high-end electric powertrains which serve as retrofit packages. These retrofit packages are used as:

  • Electric powertrain, to convert new and existing conventional commercial vehicles to electric or hybrid electric.
  • Secondary energy storage modules, to operate "off the grid".

Track record

Track record