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Transition with XYZ Dynamics

XYZ Dynamics adapts your existing GSE to the most modern environmental and emission requirements, while ground personnel can continue to use their familiar equipment: electric motor propulsion makes the GSE not only emission-free (no nitrogen/CO2), but also virtually silent, while comfort and ease of use remain the same.

Our USPs:

Lower investment costs strengthen competitive position during tenders

Cost reduction of at least 50% compared to a new all-electric variant

Cost reduction of up to 25% in operational use compared to diesel variant

Lower fuel costs at least 65% over diesel variant

Lower maintenance costs of nearly 25% compared to diesel variant

Electric Pushback

In addition to the environmental improvements from the conversion from diesel to electric motors, the pushback immediately receives the maximum available power, making operations smoother, faster and quieter. In addition, no additional training is required for the end user: after all, they continue to use their own familiar GSE!

Brands: TLD, Schopff, ATA, Douglass

Types: TMX150,TMX350,F110 and more

Pull up: 240 kN and 300 tons

According to CE standards

Upgradeable to push an Airbus A350 or Boeing 787

High efficiency drivetrain (90%+)

Electric Staircase

By converting from diesel to electric motors, the aircraft stages are smoother, quieter and cleaner on site and ready for use. As a result, employees and passengers are less affected by exhaust fumes and noise, and use is perceived as more pleasant.

Brands: TLD, JBT, FMC, Mulag, EINSA

Types: SmartStep, EuroStep, ABS-580, and more

According to CE standards

Furnished for Anti Collision System

Electric Beltloader

With the electric belt loader, unloading and loading becomes easier and faster again: the belt loader is quickly on site and with the available power has handled all cargo in minimal time.

Brands: TLD, JBT, FMC, Mulag, EINSA

Types: CDA-14

According to CE standards

Electric Mercedes Sprinter

The legacy of the Mercedes Sprinter needs little explanation or comment. Yet the electric motor provides just that little bit extra, which also allows this universal workhorse to meet the most modern environmental requirements. Although the Sprinter is not a “pure” GSE, it is part of the “Ground Support,” which also has (or will have) to meet the latest environmental requirements.

Minimum range of 210 km

Payload up to 1900 kg

Smart charging capabilities

AC and DC rechargeable

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