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XYZ Dynamics is always looking. Looking for solutions, but also looking for new employees. Do you think you can contribute to a sustainable impact on the aviation and logistics sector? Can you be part of change and innovation with your insight and commitment? Do you really feel that you own the technical developments you make? Then XYZ Dynamics is looking for you, because we are able to offer you all these opportunities! So respond to one of our vacancies or send us your resume with an open application and who knows, you might soon be part of the team that develops a fleet management system for electric vehicles, or you contribute to our algorithms that optimize energy planning and consumption. Let’s repower the world together!”


Better for the business and the world.


Participate in the circulair economics.


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"As a drive train engineer, I was quickly at the forefront of high-tech developments within XYZ Dynamics. During an interim period in my career, I had a very good experience at the Dutch company Vanderlande, but I am happy to be able to be part of XYZ Dynamics again This is because I can make a positive impact on the well-being of ground operators at an airport every day."

Luuk Heijmans
Powertrain Engineer


Over ons:XYZ Dynamics is een innovatief bedrijf binnen de luchthaven-afhandelingssector, gespecialiseerd in het...

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